20 Januari 2009

About Friendship

Sometimes, u still appear in my dream. Why U? Not the other? Although now, I have an other gals that I love him so much. Never mind that cause I have knew u never known this. Yeah, but, maybe ur close friend will know this. Who cares??

I said this cause I want to be ur friend again, for starter. Maybe next I could be ur close friend for more. what I could do just hoping it. U Know, I can’t hanging around with my best friend anymore. Cause him had already married. Although, his wife n him big family know me very well. Right now, I can’t do any fools things with him anymore. For me, just girlfriend n partner of work is not enough. I’m still need enclosure friend as the same as type of me.

Could u be in it again?? Cause, nobody could be ur sub in amount of time we break apart. u know my phone call, n I don’t know urs. Why don’t u just calling me? However, I can go to ur house every time I want it. But, if, u are not in there, why I have to go to? just waste the time. Just be in it again, I ‘d loved it. N miss it.

2 komentar:

  1. U know who ndah. lagi tak wales malahan kepriwe iki. wkwkwk



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